Carleton Whaley is a fiction writer from New England.

His work has been nominated for a Best of the Net and longlisted for Wigleaf’s Top 50 (’21). He is an MFA candidate at Goddard College.


“Schnoz, or Bar With Infinite Seinfelds”

short story published in Maudlin House

“Commercial Break”

micro-series published in Trampset Journal, longlisted for Wigleaf’s top 50 (’21)

“Something Like Hannah”

micro-fiction published in New South Journal and featured on Micro podcast

“It Was Probably Nothing”

micro-fiction published in (mac)ro(mic)

“The Adjustment Period”

flash fiction published in Paper Darts, reprinted in Riggwelter Press and nominated for a Best of the Net

“The Difference Between Apples and Rats”

short story published in Five: 2: One

“Two-Shot, Add Steam”

flash fiction published in Occulum Journal

“They Didn’t Mean To”

short story published in The Long River Review

“Funky bass riff. Canned laughter. Kramer bursts through the door, says his mother has died. Says the Sun is going to die someday. Says rising ocean temperatures aren’t a good sign, but he forgets why. Cue laughter, slap bass, scene change.

From “Schnoz, or bar with infinite seinfelds”


Laura van den Berg

Long River Review in 2015

Matvei Yankelevich

Long River Review in 2016

David Mercier

Long River Review in 2016

Rachel Clark

The Slag Review in 2017

“The hum of the clippers changes frequency as they cut, as every hair is shorn, as her pristine apron darkens, until the person in the mirror can’t really be her anymore.”

From “Commercial Break”

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